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Soviet Union's Beriev MBR-2, Beriev Be-2 flying boat


The MBR-2 was designed by Georgi Mikhailovich Berlev. The Beriev MBR-2 was the military version of the Beriev Be-2. They were used in civilian and military roles.


The MBR-2 was built with metal wings and a wooden hull.


Then engine was mounted on pylons above the fuselage. It was a pusher engine.


Under the wings were outrigger floats.


The MBR-2 prototype first flew in 1931 and had a BMW VIZ engine (500 HP).


  • Total: >1,500
    • Manufacturer: State Industries
    • Production: early 1930s - 1941


  • Beriev Be-2: Civilian version. Could carry eight passengers. These were operated by Aeroflot.
  • Beriev MBR-2: Military version. The cockpit was open. It also could have a ski undercarriage or fixed wheels.
  • Beriev MBR-2bis: Military version. The cockpit was enclosed. There was a dorsal turret added. The vertical tail surfaces was increased. There were mountings under the wings for bombs, mines, or depth charges.
  • Beriev MP-1: Civilian transport. Carry eight passengers.
  • Beriev MP-1T: Civilian freight transport. Based on MBR-2.
  • Beriev MP-1bis: Based on the MBR-2bis.


The MBR-2 became operational in 1933.

Altitude Record

A civilian version of the MBR-2 set a record by climbing to 30,000' without cargo in May 1937. This record stood for 23 years.


The Soviet Union and Finland used the MBR-2 during World War II. Finland had captured five MBR-2s in 1941.

The MBR-2's primary role was for coastal reconnaissance. They were mostly stationed with the Soviet Northern and Black Sea fleets.


  Beriev MBR-2
Type Reconnaissance, Air sea rescue
Crew 4 - 5, 5
Engine (Type) M.17, M-17B
Cylinders V 12
Cooling Liquid
HP 680
Propeller blades 2
Span 43' 11", 62' 4"
19 m
Length 30' 2", 44' 3"
13.48 m
Height 14' 9", 16' 5"
4.5 m
Loaded 9,359 lb
Speed 136 mph
218 kph
Speed at 6,560' / 2,000 m 154 mph
Cruising speed 121 mph
195 kph
Service Ceiling 19,690'
Range 745 miles, 746 miles
1,200 km
Armament 2: MG
Bow 1: 7.62 mm MG
Bombs 660 lb
  Beriev MBR-2bis
Type Short Range Reconnaissance
Crew 4 - 5
Engine (Type) Mikulin AM-34NB
Cylinders Inline 12
Cooling Liquid
HP 860
Propeller blades 3
Span 62' 4"
19 m
Length 44' 3.75"
13.5 m
Wing area 592 sq ft
55 sq m
Empty 7,024 lb
3,186 kg
Loaded 9,359 lb
4,245 kg
Speed at 6,560' / 2,000 m 154 mph, 171 mph
248 kph, 275 kph
Service Ceiling 19,685', 25,920'
6,000 m, 7,900 m
Range 650 miles, 870 miles
1,046 km, 1,400 km
Bow 1: 7.62 mm MG
Turret - Dorsal 1: 7.62 mm MG
Bombs, Mines, or Depth Charges 660 lb, 661 lb
300 kg


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