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Japan's Yokosuka E14Y reconnaissance floatplane; Navy Type 0
Allied Code Name: Glen


  • Yokosuka E14Y Type 0 reconnaissance floatplane



The Imperial Japanese Navy put forth a 12-Shi specification for a floatplane that could be carried by a submarine.

The Yokosuka E14Y was designed by Mitsuo Yamada of the Dai-Ichi Kaigun Koku Gijitsusho (1st Naval Air Technical Arsenal).

The Yokosuka E14Y could be disassembled, floats and wings could be removed, and stored in a watertight compartment on a submarine.

The E14Y had a wood and fabric skin.


The E14Y1 prototype was finished in 1939 at Yokosuka.


  • Prototype: 1
    • Manufacturer: Dai-Ichi Kaigun Koku Gijitsusho at Yokosuka
  • Yokosuka E14Y1, Navy Type 0 Submarine Borne Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 1-1: 125
    • Manufacturer: K.K. Watanabe Tekkosho
    • Production: 1941 - 1943



  • Submarines: I-7 - I-11, I-15 - I-35

Pearl Harbor Reconnaissance

On December 17, 1941, the submarine I-7, launched an E14Y1 to survey the damage at Pearl Harbor.


E14Y1s were also used in reconnaissance missions over Africa, the Aleutians, Australia, Madagascar, and New Zealand.

Bombed United States

In 1942 a E14Y1 was launched by the I-25, submarine, and it dropped four phosphorus bombs in a forest. The pilot was Warrant Officer Fujita. He dropped four phosphorus bombs in a forest on the Oregon coast in the hopes of starting large fires.


  Yokosuka E14Y1
Type Reconnaissance, Submarine Based Floatplane
Crew 2, Pilot and Observer
Engine (Type) Hitachi Tempu 12
Cylinders Radial 9
Cooling Air
Net HP 340
Propeller Blades 2 Wood
Span 36' 1", 36' 1 1/16"
11 m
Length 28', 28' 7/32"
8.54 m
Height 12' 5", 12' 5 19/32"
3.8 m
Wing area 204.514 sq ft
19 sq m
Empty 2,469 lb
1,119 kg
Normal load 3,197 lb
1,450 kg
Maximum load 3,527 lb
1,600 kg
Speed at Sea Level 153 mph
133 knots
Speed - Cruising at 3,280' / 1,000 m 104 mph
90 knots
Climb to 9,845' / 3,000 m 10 minutes 11 seconds
Service Ceiling 17,780'
5,420 m
Range 548 miles
548 statute miles
476 nautical miles
Armament 1: MG
Bombs 132 lb
60 kg
Cockpit - Rear 1: 7.7 mm Type 92


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