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German Balkenkreuz

Germany's Flammpanzer III Ausf M (F1) SdKfz 141/3; PzKpfw III Flammpanzer III (SdKfz 141/3)


100 PzKpfw III Ausf M were converted from February to April 1943 by Wegmann Waggonfabrik in Kassel. The main gun was replaced by an oil projector 1,500 mm long and 140 mm in diameter. Two oil tanks (225 gallons/1,000 liters) with an auxiliary engine were installed in the hull. The flamethrower could be used about 70 to 80 times with 2 - 3 second burts. The range was about 65 yards.

A MG 34 was installed in the hull and one coaxially in turret. 30 mm of additional armor plate was added. The crew consisted of the driver, radio operator, and commander. The commander was alone in the turret.

The flamethrower was installed by Wegmann, Kassel.


In July 1943, 41 were available at the battle of Kursk in the 6th, 11th, and Grossdeutschland Panzer Divisions.


  Flammpanzer SdKfz 141/3
Crew 3, 5
Radio FuG5
Radio - commander FuG2
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 23 tons, 25.5 tons
Length 17.75'
6.41 m
Height 8.2'
2.5 m
Width 9.6'
2.95 m
Width over tracks  
Ground clearance 15.4"
Ground contact length 112.5"
Ground pressure 14.4 psi
Turret ring diameter  
Main 14 mm Flammenwerfer
MG 2: MG
2: 7.92 mm MG34
Side arms  
Main 1,000 liters
MG 3,750 Patr SmK
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) Front: 2+0.8"
Side: 1.2"
Hull Front, Upper 50+20@9°
Hull Front, Lower 50+30@21°
Hull Sides, Upper 30@0°
Hull Sides, Lower 30@0°
Hull Rear 50@17° & 50@9°
Hull Top 18@17-90°
Hull Bottom 16@90°
Turret Front 2.24"+0.8"
Mantlet: 50+20@0-45°
Turret Sides 1.2"
Turret Rear 30@12°
Turret Top 10@83-90°
Engine (Make / Model) Maybach HL 120 TRM
Bore / stroke  
Cooling Water
Cylinders V-12
Net HP 300@3,000 rpm
Power to weight ratio  
Compression ratio 6.5:1
Transmission (Type) Synchromesh
6 forward, 1 reverse.
Steering Clutch brake
Steering ratio  
Starter Electric and inertia
Electrical system Starting: 24-volt
Running: 12-volt
Ignition Magnito
Fuel (Type) Gasoline
Quantity 85 gallons
Road consumption 1.5 mpg
Cross country consumption 0.62 mpg
Traverse 360°, hand.
Speed - Road 40 kph
Speed - Cross Country  
Range - Road 90 miles
155 km
Range - Cross Country 53 miles
Turning radius  
Elevation limits -8° to +20°
Fording depth 31.5"
Trench crossing 7.6'
Vertical obstacle 23.6"
Climbing ability 30° (57%) slope
Suspension (Type) Torsion bar
Wheels each side 6
Return rollers each side 3
Tracks (Type) Dry pin
Width 15.75"
Number of links 92
Pitch 4.9"
Tire tread  
Track centers/tread 8.25'


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