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Finland Flag (1K)

Finland's Army Ranks

Thanks to Mikko for this information and Paassilta for an update.

Generic Army
Field Marshal Marsalkka: In WWII it was marsalkka Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim who was the Commander of the Finnish Army.
General Kenraali: The General's neck is weighed down by eight lions, four on either side of the collar.
General Lieutenant Kenraaliluutnantti: Three lions on the collar. You guessed it - the German Generalleutnant!
Major General Kenraalimajuri: Two Lions on the collar. Equivalent to the German Generalmajor.
Senior Colonel  
Colonel Eversti: Three larger rose buttons. Usually the Commander of a brigade. The German Oberst.
Lieutenant Colonel Everstiluutnantti: Two larger rose buttons. Tasks equivalent to those of the German Oberstleutnant.
Major Majuri: One larger rose button. The equivalent of the German Major.
Senior Captain  
Captain Kapteeni: Usually a Company Commander. Three buttons.
1st Lieutenant Luutnantti: The Platoon Leader can also be Luutnantti. Two rose buttons on the collar.
2nd Lieutenant Vänrikki: The Platoon Leader is usually Vänrikki of rank. One metal button on both sides of the collar (depicting a rose) or one yellow bar horizontally on the arm.
Warrant Officer 1st Sotilasmestari: The 'master soldier' is the highest NCO rank. One thick chevron with two thinner chevrons.
Warrant Officer 2nd  
Sergeant Major  
Master Sergeant Vääpeli: The closest equivalent would probably be Oberfeldwebel. The Vääpeli can be recognized by one thick chevron on the the collar.
1st Sergeant Ylikersantti: Four chevrons <<<<
Technical Sergeant
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant Kersantti: Normally the rank of the Asst. Platoon Leader but can also be the rank of a Squad Leader. Three chevrons <<<. In WWII the Sergeant's rank could also be shown by three stripes on either shoulder.
Lance Sergeant  
Senior Corporal  
Corporal Alikersantti: The first 'officer' rank. The Squad Leader is usually Alikersantti. The Alikersantti can be recognized by his two chevrons << or two stripes on either shoulder.
Lance Corporal
Superior Private  
Private 1st Class Korpraali: A decorated Sotamies. The Assistant Squad Leader is usually Korpraali of rank. The rank of a korpraali is marked by one chevron < on the collar (one on both sides) or a stripe on either shoulder (in WWII).
Private 2nd Class  
Private Sotamies, Jääkäri: Basically the difference between sotamies and jääkäri in WWII was that the jääkäri forces often moved by bicycles.

The person in charge of the supply of ammunition, food and equipment for the company is called 'Vääpeli', although he is not always Vääpeli of rank.

In WWII the 'Vääpeli' was often the rank of Ylikersantti, Vääpeli, Ylivääpeli or Sotilasmestari. In the modern Finnish Army these ranks are gradually dying away. (When I served in the army, we had a Vänrikki - a 2nd lieutenant - as a Vääpeli).

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