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Czechoslovakia's Flag

Czechoslovakia's Avia B 135 fighter


The Avia B 135 was designed to meet the Czechoslovakian government's requirement for a monoplane fighter that was put out in 1935. It was to replace the Avia B 534.


The B 35 prototype had eliptical wings made out of wood and the fuselage was made from a steel tube structure that was covered by alloy and fabric.


The first two prototypes had fixed undercarriages, even though it was intended to have retracting gear.


The first B 35 prototype first flew on September 28, 1938. The second prototype flew in December 1938. The third prototype, with retractable undercarriages, first flew in June 1939.


  • B 35 prototype: 3
  • B 135 prototype: 1
  • B 135: 12
  • Total: 16


  • B 35 prototype: Had HS12 Ycrs engine.
  • B 135: First flew in 1940.



A Bulgarian military mission evalutaed the B 135 and an order was placed for twelve B 135s. The Bulgarians were to licence build 50 more, and they were to be called the DAR-11 Ljastuvka (Swallow). The B 135s were delivered in mid 1941 along with the drawings, but no production was undertaken.

The B 135s were primarily used by the Fighter Pilot School. They were used in defending against USAAF bombers.


  Avia B 135
Type Fighter
Crew 1
Engine (Type) Avia built Hispano-Suiza 12 Ycrs
Cylinders V 12
HP 890
Propeller blades 3
Span 35' 7"
10.85 m
Length 27' 11"
8.51 m
Height 8' 6"
2.59 m
Wing area  
Empty 4,548 lb
2,063 kg
Loaded 5,615 lb
2,547 kg
Speed @ 13,125' /
4,000 m
332 mph
534 kph
Cruising speed 286 mph
460 kph
Climb 2,657'/minute
810 m/minute
Service Ceiling 27,890'
8,500 m
Range 342 miles
550 km
Range maximum 584 miles
940 km
Propellar spinner 1: 20 mm
Upper cowling 2: 7.9 mm MG


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